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Upskill Your Existing Workforce

Elevate healthcare excellence, boost morale, and achieve unrivaled patient outcomes by ensuring your current workforce has access to online certification training pathways that will allow them to learn new skills and pursue their career goals.

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Bootcamp-Style Programs

Our online certification bootcamps assist healthcare organizations in enhancing the cultivation of knowledge, skills, and perspectives essential for fulfilling specified competencies. This ultimately leads to increased ROI, heightened employee satisfaction, and improved job performance.

  • Online Courses: Asynchronous, Self-Paced Learning
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Externship Support

See what Hofstra University has to say about Health Tech Academy!

It is without hesitation that we recommend Health Tech Academy’s allied health training services to other institutions seeking to elevate the skills of their staff. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and for contributing to the continuous improvement of healthcare services.

Eric at Hofstra University

Invest in Your Employees

Retain your employees and give them access to the learning programs and on-the-job training to advance their career. Save your healthcare system money by increasing employee retention and saving new hire onboarding costs.

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Curate programs and pathways that align to your needs

Increase employee and team productivity

Improve employee retention rates

Reduce employee turnover by 30%

The Health Tech Academy Legacy

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On-Demand Bootcamps

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Active students

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Comprehensive In-Demand Programs

HTA offers over 10 short-term certification programs you can enroll your employees in today. Developed by industry experts,each program is current and thoroughly prepares your teams for career-eligible national certifications.

How It Works

Meet Jennifer: Unit Secretary looking for an opportunity in clinical healthcare

Problem: Never worked on the clinical side in healthcare and is seeking a clear healthcare career path

Solution: The online certification training provided by Health Tech Academy offered a pathway for her to nurture her passion for patient care

HTA writer

Upskill Today, Transform Retention Tomorrow

The healthcare workforce is evolving fast – and so are we.

Build your internal talent pipeline, retain your workforce, and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth with Health Tech Academy. Together, we can determine your needs and develop scalable solutions that address your specific challenges.