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Today’s Healthcare Employer

Solutions Designed for Today’s Healthcare Employer

We know our learners’ strengths and we understand the demands of healthcare. We’re partnering with forward-thinking employers to build your workforce through occupation-specific learning programs, apprenticeships, and career coaching.

Our solutions address your critical talent needs, from filling individual roles to building career paths and bridging skills gaps.

Together we can solve healthcare’s most critical staffing challenges.

Future of Healthcare

Programs Built for the Future of Healthcare

Employee Upskilling

Employee Upskilling and Career Growth

Healthcare Apprenticeships

Healthcare Apprenticeships

Invest in Your Employees

Stop wasting time and money on boarding talent only to have them leave. Retain your employees and give them access to the learning programs and on-the-job training to advance their career.

  • Curate programs and pathways that align to your needs
  • Increase employee and team productivity
  • Improve employee retention rates
  • Reduce employee turnover by 30%
Redefining the Apprentice Model

Redefining the Apprentice Model

Hire skilled, certified professionals who are ready to jump into your critical and emerging roles. We connect employers with diverse, engaged talent trained specifically for healthcare’s fastest growing and in-demand occupations.

Hire healthcare apprentices who help you:

  • Build a sustainable talent network, certified in emerging healthcare roles
  • Yield higher retention rates
  • Fill entry-level positions faster
  • Scale teams quickly

How it Works

Meet Jennifer: Barista looking for an opportunity in healthcare

Problem: Never worked in a clinic or hospital environment and seeking a clear healthcare career path

Solution: New Apprenticeship provided a pathway to fuel her passion for patient care

How it Works
How it Works

Benefits of Healthcare Apprenticeship Career Paths

  • Mobilize an agile workforce at a fraction of the traditional cost
  • Foster relationships with skilled talent certified in emerging roles
  • Improve employee tenure and ROI by building versus buying talent
  • Leverage high potential, underrepresented talent that may be difficult to reach
  • Invest in your workforce through complimentary, 6-month coaching directly from Health Tech Academy
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The healthcare workforce is evolving fast – and so are we.

Build your talent pipeline, retain your workforce, and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth with Health Tech Academy. Together we’ll determine your needs and develop scalable solutions that address your specific challenges.

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